Fitness Snack Box: Swoob Now, Sexy Later

Subscription or sample boxes take form in all shapes and sizes. There’s pretty much a box for anything you can ever want delivered to your door step. I’m a foodie and a fitness fanatic so the Swoob Fitness Box just made sense for me.


I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to subscription boxes to be honest. I have a tendency to get suckered in on the awesome marketing and end up disappointed because I only liked one or two items from the box. But not with the Swoob Fitness Box! I loved my box. This box in particular had quite a few healthy snacks and post workout items designed for boosting energy and fueling up and I loved almost everything this box had to offer.

The box is super cute with the bright colors. I always describe mail delivery to be like Christmas. You forget it’s coming and when it gets there, it brightens up your day. When you open the box, you get this cute message from the Swoob Team and about 9-10 items per box:



Since these weren’t exactly snacks I could throw in with my lunch, I did find some great uses for them. Most of them were really convenient for my lifestyle, constantly on the go. Loved throwing back the Jelly Bean sports beans right before my super late flag football game at 930p on a Thursday night (wtf?). Didn’t know they made these and it was tasty and I think they helped my performance that night. I think these are really popular for runners. Quick and easy!


Also, I really loved the Bolt energy chews. It said to only eat a few, but I ate the whole thing. They were too yummy. I ate these right before heading to the Perot Museum for a murder mystery exhibit and needed that extra boost of energy.


There was only one thing I did not like from my box and it was this weird protein nutrition thing. Think adult version of baby food. I took one taste and just couldn’t finish the pack. I wanted a quick snack before a barre class, but decided to just go hungry.


The post workout snack I was most excited about would be these PowerIce pops. With summer coming, these are going to be amazing and there’s only one store in Dallas that carries them (Sprouts). These are frozen electrolyte pops and I love the idea! How refreshing will these be after a hard and hot workout here in Dallas?:


I thoroughly enjoyed my box and am really impressed with the selections. While I love learning about new products, I want to like them too. Swoob offers both a Snack Box and a Fitness Box and you can learn the difference here. The subscription starts at $20 bucks and if you’re interested, use my promo code SWOOBSTRONG to get 20% off.

In order to review Swoob Fit Box, Deep Fried Fit received a complimentary box. All opinions expressed are her own.


  1. How fun! Getting packages in the mail is totally like Christmas – you are so right! Looks like you tried out some really cool/yummy/interesting products! The ice pops look super great!

    xo, Christina

    1. Author

      I did. This was a super fun blog. Snacks at my fingertips are always a plus. Thanks for reading Christina!

  2. those electrolyte pops sound awesome!!! Are the energy chews like starburst or more like gummy bears?

    1. Author

      I know! I can’t wait to try those pops! The energy chews are more like gummy bears. I liked that they weren’t grainy and didn’t have a weird after taste or anything.

    1. Author

      The idea is brilliant! These should be served at all gyms and studios this summer. Ha.

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