13 Deep Stretch Classes for Athletes


That’s how I used to feel about stretching, until I found out my Achilles tendon was so tight it was on the verge of snapping. Now I can’t preach enough about how important stretching is for the body before and after every workout. For the longest time, I used to neglect this very vital step in my fitness regimen and as a result, I was prone to all kinds of injuries. I had what one massage therapist said was “the most messed up little body she’s ever seen.” Tons of knots, so much tension, and not enough TLC. Not something I want to brag about.

Deep stretch classes are also a form of cross training. After hitting the weights, training for that marathon, or finishing a killer spin class, you have to help your body recover and undo some of the damage. Whether it’s lack of time or simply not knowing what stretches to do, I’ve compiled a list of deep stretch classes for all my athletic friends (looking at you fellas). You’ll find 12 places you can squeeze in a deep stretch class that’ll do the body good:

Plum Yoga Dallas – Athlete’s Stretch, Gentle Yoga
This class is perfect for all athletes of all levels and all sports. Get into this class to flush lactic acid, increase flexibility, and get rested for your next intense competition/work-out/training session/practice. This class will increase your performance and get you the flexibility results you want! Stretch it all out. All fitness levels welcome.
Cost: $20 drop-in
Address: 1924 Greenville Ave | Dallas, Texas 75206

We Yogis – Athlete’s Deep Stretch
The 60 minute Athlete’s Deep Stretch is designed to loosen tight and/or overworked muscles. It helps athletes regulate blood pressure, mitigate aches and pains, manage intensity and increase focus and prepare the body’s physical response to challenging situations, as in competitive sports.
Cost: $20 for single class
Address: 5600 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX 75209

PerformanceGX – Mobility
At 5:30 every day, attend the free 30 min mobility class before an evening of primal, crossfit, or insanity classes. You’ll need it. An instructor will walk you through a sequence of movements to really loosen you up before your workout. I recommend Thursdays with Robert. He’s amazing.
Cost: Take advantage of their 4 free day passes. After that, drop in classes are $20
Address: 4238 Maple Avenue Dallas TX 75219

Sync Yoga – Deep Stretch
After a guided warmup, the focus is on deep release in the joints and tissues (yin yoga). Props are utilized in a variety of postures to provide additional support to enhance comfort and deep release. A great class for those who are new to yoga, as well as for athletes and others who tend to have tightness in lower body musculature in particular. The class is offered only on Mondays from 7:30-8:30p.
Address: 1888 Sylvan Ave, Suite 250, Dallas TX
Cost: $12 for single classes or take advantage of the introductory special for new students – 30 days for $30.

Beach Mat Yoga – Deep Stretch
Excellent for deep release to tired or tight muscles, the Deep Stretch class is a wonderful way to open, unwind and restore the body.  Poses are held longer, enabling students to experience blissful relaxation. Great for athletes because they tend to have strong, well developed muscles that if not stretched and released, simply get tight. Tight muscles lead to injury.
Cost: First class is $10, drop in classes are $15
Address: 324 W. Campbell Rd. Richardson, TX. 75080

City Yoga – Deep Stretch
The Deep Stretch class uses passive poses held for longer periods of time to allow for a deep opening in the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis, spine and other areas of the body.  Props such as blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets may be used. This practice is meditative and relaxing and beneficial to all practitioners. This class is perfect for athletes. It allows the athlete to slowly get into the muscles and open up the body. Each deep stretch class in 60 minutes long and is offer on Mondays at noon, Wednesdays at 7 pm and Fridays at 4:30.  Sunday mornings, City Yoga also offers a slow flow which is a combination of a deep stretch class with a little flow included.
Cost: For new students, take advantage of the $10 for 10 days trial. Drop in rates are $15.
Address: 4311 Belmont Ave, Dallas, TX 75204

The Yoga Movement – Deep Stretch
This 60 min yin-inspired class focuses on deep release in the joints and tissues of the body. Postures are supported with props to encourage comfort and release, making the class ideal for athletes and still accessible to all levels, even the very beginner.
Cost: Drop in classes are $15
Address: 4931 Airline, Dallas, TX 75205

Uptown Yoga – Deep Stretch (3x locations)
60 or 90 minute deep stretch class focuses on releasing tight or overworked muscles. Great for athletes to unwind, heal, and restore the body.
Lakewood: 7330 Gaston Ave Dallas, TX
Uptown: 2636 Thomas Ave Dallas, TX
The Colony: 6800 Windhaven Pkwy. The Colony, TX 75056

MoveStudio – Deep Stretch
The 70 min beginner friendly deep stretch class improves circulation, speed recovery after muscle injuries, and helps to diminish pain by improving range of motion. This is beneficial to any physical practice, fitness regime, or simply performing the tasks of everyday life. This yoga class will focus on the seated and lying yoga poses and the use of props that allow all participants to experience poses more easily and fully. Breathing techniques are emphasized to relax muscles, deepen the stretch, and increase flexibility.
Cost: $15 for a drop in class.
Address: 17062 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75248

Inspire Yoga – Deep Stretch
Stretch and release in the 75 min Yin Yoga Deep Stretch class at Inspire. Yin is a calm, quiet and meditative class that maintains relaxed, passive yoga postures for 3-5 minutes at a time. Yin allows time for your muscles, joints and mind to align, stretch and release. This class is a great complement to a more rigorous daily practice and beneficial to anyone with mild injuries or decreased range of motion or mobility.
Cost: A day pass is $22
Address: (Denton) 1401 Shoal Creek, Highland Village, TX 75077


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