First Look at Zyn22 Spin Studio in Fort Worth

I’m too excited for Zyn22 to come to Dallas. I took my first ride at their first location in Fort Worth and I loved my experience. It is the newest addition of cycling studios to DFW and I’m confident they will really stand out when they debut in Dallas this spring/summer.


The Space: The studio is gorgeous. They have an incredible set up. Most studios that also like to offer a shopping experience have a very small selection. Zyn22’s set up is huge and it takes up the whole front section of the studio and even includes a fitting room. While I do think the product placement is a little in your face and distracts from the whole point of coming to Zyn22 in the first place, I made my way to the front desk and happily checked in. The locker room area is large and there are tons of lockers. The bathrooms are also lavish with private toilet stalls, multiple showers, vanity mirrors, and plenty of space to get dressed and ready.


For the actual class, there is one large Zyn Dome. As the name suggests, it’s a stadium style set up with an elevated instructor bike. Gorgeous studio with fun light effects weaved .

The Class: I signed up for the 11am class on a Saturday morning. The earlier classes were pretty full and mine was about 80% full with a good mix of men and women. After clipping in, I was ready and Denis taught a really fun class. He’s engaging and approachable and does a really great job guiding us on our ride. I’m glad the mic he used was clear enough to hear him. The ride consisted of intervals along with out of the saddle movements including, push ups, tricep dips, chest presses, tap backs, and more. Weights were also incorporated to get that nice burn in the arms and shoulders. I also really enjoyed the light effects paired with certain songs. It wasn’t over the top psychedelic at all.

The Instructor: Denis is the lead instructor for Zyn22 and he is awesome. I love his energy and his teaching style. He has these cheeky one liners you can’t help but smirk at them. Right off the bat, you can tell he’s very comfortable and wants to you to have as much fun as he is. I definitely appreciated the awareness he brought with each movement as he explained where our bodies should be and where we should be feeling the burn. Often times, I forget to mentally connect what I am working out, during my workout. It does make a difference when you are connected mentally and physically.


Loved: Gosh, there are so many things I really enjoyed about my  first experience. I loved that there was plenty of space between the bikes. So often, studios try to cram a ton of bikes into one room for monetary purposes and it just detracts from the guest experience. I loved having my own space and not having to worry about bumping into my neighbor during certain movements on the bike. It was a challenging class and just what I needed. I’m a sucker for nice amenities and the bathrooms are spacious and make getting ready on the go easy.

I’m also pretty useless when it comes to clipping in my bike. I can never get it. However, these bikes were so easy to get in, I got it on my first try. I even clipped out and did it again just in case I was imagining it. To illustrate how easy it is, the stretching portion of the class involved a bit of clipping in and out while stretching hamstrings and hips ON the bike. I had my friend model a few of the stretching poses for good measure.

Feedback: I think mirror placement for the instructor bike would be my biggest critique. Even though I was in the center of the second row, it was hard for me to see what the instructor was doing. I had to guess when he was in the saddle and when he was out. Perhaps it just the angle for me, but I don’t want to worry if I’m not in sync with the class. I guess it can’t be helped and this is no fault of the studio, but I really don’t like late-comers. Opening the Zyn Dome door and letting in any light just disrupts the class. Perhaps there will be stricter rules enforced in the future.

Difficulty Level: I would say the style of teaching makes this more of a challenging spin class from others I’ve taken. The majority of the ride is out of the saddle. As always, you are encouraged to go at your own pace. If you can’t keep up with the resistance, they’d rather you choose rhythm.


FYI/Costs/Parking: It should be common knowledge to leave your phone in the locker, but Zyn22 actually enforces the no cell phone rule. I actually had a girl tell me the instructor will call you out if your phone is with you. They encourage all riders to disconnect for the one hour and focus on the ride. Your first ride is free and if you are a student, there’s also a discount. Additional rides are $19 and they expire within 30 days. There’s a water fountain to fill your water bottle, complimentary towel service, and you can also get additional padding put onto your bikes. I think that’s a pretty nice amenity. There’s parking on the street in front, but there’s also a parking garage next to the studio you can park in as well. If you’re like me and are ravenous post ride, there are tons of great places to eat afterward. The studio is in a pretty sweet location.



Takeaway: I only had the opportunity to take one class, but I really enjoyed my experience and hope they can replicate that when the Dallas locations open. There will be one on Turtle Creek and another in the Shops of Park Lane. There’s also a Southlake location coming soon too.

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