Taste of Cuba at the Latin Pig

The Food: The menu is HUGE, making the decision on what to order was a hard one. All the portions are also pretty large. I liked the cuban sandwich a lot. It looked like a staple at the restaurant and saw many tables order it. Didn’t care for the sampler. It’s made of the marinated chicken, marinated pork, and ground beef mix. I liked the ground beef mix the best, but not enough to order it again. The chicken was ok and the pork was dry. Rice was good though and it came with fried sweet plantains.

I thought the tostones (fried green plantains) were taking up unnecessary space in my stomach and will skip them next time. Bland. Barely salted.  The chicarones were fatty, thick fried pork pieces. A little tough to chew. When I think of chicharones, I picture crispy pork pieces or skin. I’m not familiar with Cuban food, so this wasn’t what I expected. I was looking forward to the cream cheese and guava pastry. It was a huge, beautiful looking thing, but with very little filling. The filling was delicious, but I would have liked more in the pastry. Most of my bites were just the breading.

Can’t really judge the restaurant on the few things I had for lunch. I am intrigued enough to go back if I have the opportunity.

The Service: Service was attentive, quick and friendly despite being pretty busy on a Saturday afternoon for lunch. We came just in time to grab a table, because the place filled up fast!

The Space: It’s so easy to miss if you aren’t looking for the restaurant. The restaurant is right off Custer and Park. Parking is easy. The restaurant super tiny. Cute. There are blue booths with shiny wood tables. Cuban-esuqe photos adorn the wall and there’s even a random chandelier. The restaurant can fit maybe 20-25 people comfortably.

Pricing: Cheap. You can get a good meal for $10 or less. For 2 appetizers and two entrees, dessert and drinks, the bill came out to 40 bucks.

Feedback: I would have liked to see photos. With such a large menu and the gazillion descriptions it’s really hard to choose. My idea of what some of the items were, came out completely different from what I had imagine. Need photos!!!

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