5 Favorites from Simply Fit Meals

Thanks to Simply Fit Meals for helping me step up my meal prep game. I was able to sample 12 different meals/snacks and 3 of their drinks. With the holidays, it’s been super hard to avoid all the yummy foods from family gatherings, potlucks, company parties and outings. Here are some of my favs:

1. Sweet Beet Juice – I loved this juice. The mix of carrot, beets and pineapple makes for a semi sweet, almost tangy juice. I gulped this down for breakfast to start my day off right!


2. Gluten-free Chicken Parmesan-  Super tasty. I’m usually not a fan of chicken parm in general, but the marinara sauce and cheese melt was so yummy. I ate the whole damn thing. 308 calories.


3. Paleo Ancho Chicken Migas – Probably not the most appealing looking fit meal, but it’s packed with a lot of flavor and I’d definitely eat this again. 265 calories.


4. Beef Broccoli- After pouring the teriyaki sauce over the beef and nuking it in the microwave, this was better than expected. I couldn’t help but to add a small cup of rice. The meal alone is 205 calories.



5. Chewy Fudge Cookies – These are some badass cookies. If I didn’t read the box and the ingredients, I never would’ve known they were Paleo, made of only 7 ingredients (so where’s the fructose corn syrup??) and were only 38 cals each. That’s less than an Oreo! I could totally smash a whole box of these easily.


Check out more from their menu. They offer a medium and large portion sized boxes. You can find breakfast, lunch and dinner options along with snacks and juices.

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