Overdue Eat-end Trip to Austin

Austin – the hippie city known for having great food and culture. It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve been back and so much as changed since those blurry 6th St. nights. It was cool revisiting as a twenty-something as opposed to a college student. This time, my priority was to visit the different parts of the city and of course, food!! Got to walk around South Congress, West 6th, Dirty 6th, Rainey Street, The Drag, and of course stuff my face. Here are some of my Austin eats I managed to photograph before my buddies devoured them:

Casino el Camino – nothing very amazing about this place. Open patio area was pretty cool, but the food didn’t wow. That bloody mary is impressive at first sight, but the actual drink was terrible. Waste of money and belly space.

Salty Sow – Overall, I really enjoyed the food from the Salty Sow…. Portions were great, prices were reasonable and service was awesome.

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