SIX:02 Fitness Stores Doing it Big in Dallas

When I first got into fitness, it never mattered to me how I dressed to the gym. For the most part, it was cut out baggy t-shirts, long basketball shorts I’d buy for cheap from the boys section, and beat up sneakers. I was going to sweat, so why would it  matter to look cute? (I never understood full face make up and jewelry though). So after years of looking like a teenage boy in the gym, I had read somewhere that feeling good in what you wear at the gym has an impact on your performance. It made me think of times I felt like a shirt was too tight over my stomach and the times I didn’t feel good about myself so I wasn’t as motivated. There was something very true about that statement.

Post Cycling session with everyone who attended. Sweaty!!

Post Cycling session with everyone who attended. Sweaty!!

Eventually I began buying pieces that made me feel great wearing athletic clothes. On a budget, I began curating my own athletic wardrobe with collections from top brands like Nike and Gap as well as Target and Forever21. Now, a good chunk of my closet includes colorful sport bras, funky tanks, cute leggings and running shorts, and the majority of my laundry is gym clothes. Chyeaaa! How I dressed mattered to me. Feel great heading to the gym, feel great sweating it out.

So when SIX:02 contacted me, I was very curious about their concept. It’s a women’s fitness apparel store with new locations  opening  in Dallas, Arlington, and Frisco, that curates a collection of top brands and local brands for every fit girl. She can be an athlete, a runner, dancer, yogi, gym rat, etc. The collection isn’t just for practical purposes of use and wear, but also incorporates the practical with fashionable pieces that will empower women to kick ass at their workouts while looking awesome. SIX:02 first opened a store last year off Lovers Ln and Inwood. This year, they’re doing it big and opening 3 more locations in Dallas. They just opened stores at the Parks Mall and Stonebriar. The newest location will reside in the Galleria, which is slated to open in a few weeks. If you’re interested, check them out.

I was invited to the media party at Terlingo Cycle, a premiere cycling studio in Uptown off Cedar Springs and Oaklawn. I had the opportunity to meet with Kirta Carroll, the VP of Marketing for SIX:02 along with the Edelman PR team that help put this whole shindig together. Attendees included new store managers of the SIX:02 locations, a mix of Dallas bloggers and other media peeps. I even got to meet an Olympian! It was pretty awesome.

Even more awesome was being greeted with swag bags that outfitted me for the cycling class I was terrified of. I was treated to these awesome UnderArmour orange leggings, a black and pink sports bra and a New Balance grey shirt along with other goodies. The orange and grey perfectly matched with Deep Fried Fit’s colors! Whether they did this on purpose or not, I loved it.

After a short introduction, we all shuttled into the dark cycling room and got ourselves situated for an amazing 45 min cycling class. It was part dance, cardio, and workout paired with an incredible playlist. Review to come!

In November, I will be running the first SIX:02 6K (which ends with a mini outdoor spa treatment for runners. From “sweaty to ready” as they call it. Holla!!). So now the question I get asked a lot about SIX:02 is what does it mean? Where did the name come from? What the heck is a SIX:02 moment? It’s part of their branding and everyone is asked to tweet and hashtag their #six02moments. According to the VP of Marketing, it is a moment a woman takes just for herself. The name actually came from having to wake up at 6am for a run or workout and taking a moment, maybe hitting the snooze for a couple of minutes, before getting up and taking charge of the day.  So promptly after that 45 min class, I went down the street to Chocolate Secrets and got myself a slice of my own #six02moment: chocolate cake.

It was a lot of fun meeting the SIX:02 crew along with other bloggers and media. I can’t wait to go back to Terlingo Cycle and take John Terlingo’s class. Lots of fun events to look forward to.



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      Thanks!!! Yea it was a lot of fun. Ill see you at the 6K. Will probably be one of the last to cross the line

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