If you’re gonna splurge in Vegas, splurge on food

I’m back from my Vegas trip and the bachelorette party was fabulous.  Up until the trip, I had been working so hard to lean down and get a “summer body” I could be proud of. I wasn’t exactly where I wanted to be, but after seeing progress week after week, it only motivated to keep up all my work and not completely ruin my diet. As much as I indulged, I also made smarter choices when I could. Balance people!

I bought fruits for snacks and ate healthy wraps or sandwiches in the morning and saved the rest of my appetite for the good stuff or booze. Plus… no one wants to go to the pool bloated after a burger. I was pleasantly surprised that my workout addiction followed me to Vegas. I found the energy in the mornings to do a bit of cardio. I say that, but really the purpose was to get rid of the hangover. Here are my highlights:

Gordon Ramsay’s Burgr inside Planet Hollywood Hotel

First meal after touching down and I was starved! I split a Hell’s Kitchen burger medium rare with a friend and ate it without the top bun. I wasn’t quite ready to go all out. The meat was juicy and came with asadero cheese, roasted jalapeños, avocado and oven-roasted tomato. I loved the oven-roasted tomato. It gave the burger this awesome sweetness that brought it all together. Best burger ever? Nah.  But it still made my belly happy. My friends and I also shared the jalapeño poppers, truffle fries, and hot wings in a spicy blue cheese sauce. My friend used her Total Rewards card and got a discount on food and the free poppers. Keep that in mind if you stay at PH. It’s a good start to Vegas.

Earl of Sandwich also located in the Planet Hollywood Casino

This is a favorite stop for me. The sandwiches are cheap and come out hot. Always a great go-to and they are open 24/7. Perfect for Vegas. I recommend going at the odd hours. Don’t try going at lunch. The line is endless and you’ll die of hunger by the time it’s your turn to order. I went here twice during my trip. I had the Chipotle Chicken Avocado. It had bacon, cheddar, lettuce, avocado and chipotle sauce with grilled chicken. All great components of a good sandwich. I also had the Earl Club. This classic sandwich was quite satisfying. I grabbed one before my flight back and enjoyed the turkey, bacon, swiss and tomato. Yums. They toast the bread to perfection. #ilovecarbs

Secret Pizza inside the Cosmopolitan

Ok, to be honest you have to try this place drunk. Only drunk. Which I did not. Years ago, this place really was a secret! But no more…the wait for pizza is ridiculous. We waited about an hour and a half? Great way to sober up as you stand in line with a bunch of other hungry, sweaty people. The smart thing to do is call in your order for pick up. Don’t do what we did by waiting in line.

We ordered 3 large pies with various toppings to feed our own party of 15. When they opened the boxes, I expected beautiful, mouthwatering pizzas… but they were actually kind of ugly. I know…weird thing to say about pizza. We had meatball with feta, steak and peppers, and meatball and pepperoni. It didn’t blow my mind the way it did for everyone else. Maybe my tastebuds are just whack?

Fatburger on the Strip

XXL 1 lb Fat Burger

XXL 1 lb Fat Burger

Ok. I have been looking forward to this place for months. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about this spot and I was hoping to find The Burger, the same way most of you want to find The One. I got the XXL 1 lb burger with fat fries. It was a good burger, but I really wanted my mind to be blown. Like literally forget my name in burger ecstasy. I’m convinced I got a fluke burger because everyone else was in love. Maybe my taste buds are dying?! I’m willing to give it another chance. Next time Fatburger. I’m coming for you.

Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace

This was one fancy buffet and pricey too. The spread was also mighty impressive. It’s like the rows of selections just kept going on and on… At $58 a person for dinner, we all ate our moneys worth in crab legs, oysters, shrimp, steak, and sushi. My favorite part was the dessert bar. Unlike other buffets I’ve tried, the service is very attentive and the stations seemed cleaner. I get panic attacks from touching those community serving ladles. Yuck. -shivers- Definitely bring your appetite. You probably shouldn’t eat all day prior to coming here. Post buffet, I could no longer stand to be conscious and fell into a glorious 13 hour food coma. Woke up the next day in time to catch my flight. I say Bacchanal 1, Mai Lyn 0.

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