Thit Kho: Vietnamese Braised Pork Belly

Thit Kho

Thit Kho

While perusing Facebook the other day, I tend to come across mildly entertaining Buzzfeed articles and I stumbled across one about 20 Vietnamese foods that you must absolutely try. It listed the important stuff like Pho, Banh Mi, Chao (or rice porridge. Refer to my blog about it here), Bun Bo Hue, and a bunch of other stuff. What I was surprised was not mention was Thit Kho. I mean come on!! Thit Kho?!?! How did you miss this one?! I was almost offended.

Sweet braised pork belly with whole eggs in this brown sauce. Usually served over rice or sometimes in my house, with Laosian sticky rice. It was something I grew up eating. It’s my comfort food and I love it! If you ever find yourself with an Asian friend, please make a note to be invited over for this. Yums.

Honorable Mentions to be on that list should’ve been Bo Kho (beef stew with carrots and french bread for dipping). Just saying.

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