Oh my sloppy joe!

The Sloppy Joe

The Sloppy Joe

The sloppy joe. Something I haven’t had in years. Probably since grade school. I remember the first time I saw a sloppy joe. It was in the movie “It Takes Two” with the Olsen twins. There was a scene when Alyssa (one of the twins) glared at her joe warily before taking a bite that looked like it changed her life. Either that, or her acting was good enough to change mine. My curiosity lead me to try mine for the first time and loved it.

Living in an Asian house, my mom always made authentic Asian foods. This is probably the reason why spaghetti and fried chicken are my favorite foods in the whole world. I never got to eat them. I have great memories of elementary school cafeteria foods and square pizzas. Yumss.

Well, one day I decided to host a movie night at my house and in order to feed the masses, I needed something easy and cheap. Feeding eight other fatties, including myself, can get expensive. So I bought seven pounds of ground beef, sloppy joe sauce, worcestershire sauce, ketchup, and lots of buns. Threw it all into one pot and I had enough to feed an army. Optional, but adding shredded cheese and some onions gave it an awesome crunch and texture. Mmmm.

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