Dallas Foodie Adventures. One of Many.

I had an awesome foodie adventure today with a friend of mine. I have a few days of freedom before I start my new job and I want to spend it doing the things I love: eating and blogging (and sleeping).

If it’s one thing I want to stress about the direction of this blog, it is that I don’t want to just talk about the newest places that everyone is going to or what the latest hype all about. I want to show people a good time around Dallas and that includes visiting the forgotten gems, the hole in the walls that have been around for 20 years, or last years’ “best restaurants”. I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t have the funds or the time to visit a new place every day.  I am a normal person, with an abnormal appetite and I go back to places that I love. I want to share everything I know about the Dallas culture, old and new, with people who have the same enthusiasm for good food and good living.

Pictured is a sample of my successful mini Dallas food tour. Glad I got to check another new place off my list and visit the old places that I’ve most certainly missed. Thanks Big P for taking all the great pictures! My official reviews coming soon!


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