Making Eggrolls is hard work!

Eggroll Goodness!

Eggroll Goodness!

You would think something so little would be easy to make, but no. The prep time is ridiculous. Especially when you are making about 100 of these delicious appetizers.

I love bonding time with my mom and it’s usually while we are cooking something. Or more so she’s cooking and I’m watching because I’m short of  a disaster in the kitchen.

These eggrolls remind me of my childhood. It’s rare for my mom to make them because they take so much work and time. This time we had to finely chop cabbage, mushrooms, glass noodles, carrots, and onions. We also had to pound the living daylights out of pork and turn it into minced meat.

Then we rolled around 100 of them. Deep fried about 100 of them. And now preparing to eat as many as humanly possible.

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