Bonchon Chicken in Dallas Reopens

Wings! Wings! Wings!

Wings! Wings! Wings!

Bonchon. The Korean version of fried chicken finally made it’s way to Dallas and opened in the beginning of December only to close less than two weeks later. Heartbreak.

The restaurant announced on Facebook on Dec. 17 that they will be closing their doors for a few days to give their overworked staff a small break and to re-strategize how to take on the hungry. Or in this case, the H-ANGRY.

The reputation of deliciousness that comes with the holy name Bonchon definitely brought in the crowds in droves and also brought the new restaurant to a short close as they regrouped for the masses. People get crazy about chicken, I tell ya. I’m happy to announce they have reopened their doors as of Dec 21. Let’s hope that short break gave them a chance to really work on giving people what they want: good food and great staff.

My first experience was on their actual Grand Opening day. As expected, the wait was long. With any grand opening, I don’t expect everything to be perfect. I assume there will be some inconsistencies in the food and most likely a frazzled staff. I’ve heard both awesome and horrible reviews about the food and the overall experience, but that didn’t stop me. I need my chicken!

After arriving around 8pm, peak dinner time (never a smart thing to do on grand opening day), we played it smart. Screw all the appetizers and the desserts and the other extras. We just stuck to what Bonchon is known for: ungodly delicious wings. We put in an order for 80 wings, half spicy half soy garlic.

For a first impression, the soy garlic was delicious. The flavors were good. The wings had this amazing crispiness to the skin and the meat was actually still pretty moist. Just needed a little more sauce. Now the spicy wings apparently came out a bit too spicy for some folks. At other tables, it didn’t really have any kick at all. An inconsistency issue, I hope they fix. All in all, I’ll definitely be back when and if the craze dies down a bit.

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