Taco Festival in Deep Ellum


If you’ve read my previous post, I sprain my ankle and the thought of missing a Taco Festival was just too much to bear. Fortunately, I have such great friends, they scooped me up early Saturday morning and helped me crutch through the crowds and into a heavenly plate of tacos.

The festival was a lot smaller than I imagined it would be, but there were some decent tacos stands. I tried to avoid the familiar: Urban Taco, Velvet Taco, Rusty Taco…you know…the usuals and aimed for new taco venues to taste test. In the frenzy of the crowd, I lost track of names so I’m no help there.


Beef tacos.

The weather was gorgeous and my friends and I made it before the crowds and extremely long lines. We also quenched our thirsts with the many flavors of horchata: cantaloupe, coconut, pineapple…

It was definitely worth the trip.

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