Soft Opening: Tasty Tails Crawfish

Crawfish in the Shebang sauce.

Crawfish in the Shebang sauce.

I am all about supporting my friends. I am so all about supporting my friends who open their own crawfish joints. I love seafood and Dallas is definitely not the place you’d think of for good seafood, nonetheless, crawfish.

Tasty Tails had a soft opening with only crawfish and fried oysters on the menu. I tried a few pounds of the New Orleans flavor as well the Shebang! Sauce. I was definitely happy.

Most of the time, I’ve been to restaurants that tease you with an incredible smell, but that’s where it stops. The meat of these little seabugs are always lacking. Tasty Tails had the flavor. It was incredible. Loved the Shebang sauce the best. The corn was sweet, the sausage was delicious, and the potatoes were good too. The size of the crawfish were… a decent size as well which I am sure, makes it much more worth the money.

The restaurant is located in the Asia World Market food court off highway 75 and Legacy in Plano. This food court is the asian equivalent to something you might see in a mall. There’s Tofu House (Korean food), Taiwanese shaved iced, Hong Kong cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, and other stands. Tasty Tails is definitely a great addition. I will be back!

The owners will be adding more items to the menu. I have a sweet spot for shrimp, so I can’t wait to see what they have in store next!

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