Love in a cup!

Velvet Taco's elotes

Velvet Taco’s elotes

One of my favorite people in the whole wide world came to Dallas for a visit. Whenever there is a reunion, we head to Velvet Taco off Hwy 75 and Henderson for some overly priced yet overly delicious tacos and elotes (aka corn in a cup).

While you can get this stuff from any sketch taco stand for half the price, this stuff is actually pretty awesome. The corn is usually sweet and the mix of the cheese and hot sauce and whatever else they throw in there is on point. This time, I didn’t get any tacos for lunch, but I would recommend the Adobe Shrimp taco. This taco joint is open till 3am on weekends and serves as a nicer substitute for late night eating as opposed to Ihop or Cafe Brazil.

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