Serving up cardio for lunch

Shoved my gym bag under my desk. No excuses!

Shoved my gym bag under my desk. No excuses!

I love running during my lunch. It’s just the best way to break up a long work day. I tote my little red gym bag with me and when 11:45am rolls around, I’m off for a good cardio session. Sometimes I like to alternate between a short 30 minute cardio session or weights. I find that I have more energy when I’m focused on one rather than both.

I am really fortunate to have my gym (Trophy Fitness) be only two blocks from work. That’s a less than a five minute walk. I’ve been timing myself to get there, run, and have enough time to shower, and get back to work before anyone notices I’ve been gone for too long. Mind you I incorporated showering. Some people don’t and it’s just nasty…

I try to camouflage my workout clothes as casual everyday wear at the office. Since it’s freezing here anyway, I wear a jacket over my workout top and sports bra and I pair workout capris or leggings with flats. I always bring my workout bag with me if I plan on squeezing in a workout. I like to pack all my toiletries, extra clothes to change in to, and any other necessities like hair ties, head bands, and bobby pins. Packing all of necessities the night before and leaving the bag by the door makes getting ready in the mornings less hectic and gives me less of an excuse to not go.

Today, I was able to clock in about two miles. It felt particularly hard for me to make it through this run simply because I was sore from my plyometric exercises the day before and the zombie run this past weekend. My focus was just to make it through two miles. It wasn’t my best time, but the point is that I made it to the gym to begin with. Go me!

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