Microwaved eggs? Too Legit.

Ta- Da-! Eggs and toast!

Ta- Da-! Eggs and toast!

I am absolutely sick to death of Greek yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, fruit…anything cold and boring for breakfast. Since I’d rather sleep than wake up early enough to do my hair, much less make breakfast, I’ve had to settle for on-the-go type foods and it gets boring really fast.

I’ve always liked savory breakfast foods and I wanted to bring it to work without having to stop by McDonalds and pay for it. So I decided to bring some bread and eggs to work with me. After doing some research online……I wanted to attempt making eggs via microwave without making them explode.

While the bread in the toaster, I grabbed a large coffee cup with a round bottom, whisked the egg (I like to cook them one at a time), and stuck it in the microwave to cook in intervals of 10 seconds, for up to 45 seconds. I stirred every time I stopped to check so it can cook evenly. Each microwave is different so it’s best to stop frequently or it won’t cook properly. It was pretty amazing how quick and easy this is to do.

After the egg is cooked, it slides right out of the cup and neatly on top of my bread. Added some salt, pepper, and soy sauce, and I now have a bonafide Asian-style egg breakfast!


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