Hydrating feels like a chore

Mio Water Enhancer

Mio Water Enhancer

The suggested amount of water to drink a day is 8 cups. Bleh. It feels more like a chore sometimes. Constantly remembering to drink water sucks, but you know what sucks more? Cramps.

I think after working out a lot and add all the running I’m doing, I’ve been dealing with bad cramps lately in my calves and my quads and it sucks. I just signed up for two football leagues and I can’t play injured. Nor, do I want to get more injured from pushing myself too hard.

So I finally decided to try a water enhancer to see if it would make the taste of water less boring. Mio isn’t bad at all. Nothing super special, but I feel like I am drinking more water. I think next time, I’ll try the Mio Fit with electrolytes. Zero cals and zero sugar. I’m down with that!

Side note**

I’m peeing like crazy every 30 minutes. Staying hydrated sucks. I’ve got work to do. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!!

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