Dame’s Dinner Club @ Sfuzzi’s Uptown

Dame's Dinner Club at Sfuzzi Uptown 3/12/13

Dame’s Dinner Club at Sfuzzi Uptown 3/12/13

Being a woman is awesome. Why? Because we get free food for no other reason than the fact that we are women..ahem…ladies. WIN.

The Dame’s Dinner Club hosts a FREE girl’s night dinner for all “unescorted ladies” featuring a new menu every two weeks! Just have to call the restaurant and make a reservation. Featured nights are Tuesday @ Sfuzzi’s Uptown(now closed), Wednesdays @ The Standard Pour, and Thursdays @ Villa-O.

After finding out about this super sweet deal, I gathered a couple girlfriends, made a reservation and had a nice girl’s night out at Sfuzzi’s.

Our menu boasted a free 3-course meal. For our appetizers, it was either……a spinach salad or the cauliflower soup with a chicken broth base. We had a choice between the Atlantic salmon (which is what I had) or a pumpkin seed fettuccine as our entree and dessert was a heavenly slice of carrot cake. The portions look small at first, but the end result was perfect. Honestly, I think those were the correct portion sizes in general anyway.

You would think there would be some catch, but there isn’t. Just have to show up with your lady friends and enjoy! Obviously, tip generously. The servers deserve it. I am definitely going back to try the other restaurants. With a rotating menu and no end date in sight just yet, I definitely want to take advantage!

Update: Jan 29, 2014

Sfuzzi’s Uptown has closed, so no more yummy dinners at this spot. Still hit up Villa-O and The Standard Pour. The Standard Pour now offers live music to your DDC experience. They don’t always update the Facebook with new menus, but don’t worry. Just call and ask!

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