Slice of Heaven at Fireside Pies Henderson

Did you know some of my favorite foods in the world are fried chicken, spaghetti and pizza? I know… I have the food love of a 5 year old, but what can I say! I grew up eating all sorts of Asian cuisine so it kind of makes sense that my favorite foods would be the things I never really got to eat. Don’t even get me started on pizza lunchables. Now, I reserve these types of foods as my indulgent cheat meals. If I’m going to cheat, it has to be worth it right? Fireside Pies was definitely worth it. Midweek date night, I invited the boyfriend and two of my friends to get a slice (or slices) of heaven for dinner. Firesides did not disappoint.

This was my third time there, but I never really got to explore the menu. Who better to share a meal with than my friends, right?

To start, we enjoyed a few cocktails and ordered appetizers and a salad to share. Family-style made the most sense at Fireside pies.


The cocktails were refreshing and well balanced. For our appetizers, the molten meatballs and the Fireside Fondue really whet our appetites.


The Fireside Fondue consists of four different cheese and pizza sauce with a flatbread on the side. This was pretty much a deconstructed pizza.dallasblogger-firesidepiesdfw-2

To break up all the cheese and tomato sauce, the house caesar salad did just that. Yummy, but a little soggy from all the dressing. Next time, I’ll probably ask them to go lighter or order the dressing on the side. We ordered the larger portion to share and it was perfect.


Now, on to the main course – PIZZA! We ordered two pizzas to try and started with something a little different. The Garlic and Sage White Pie has 4 different cheese: mozzarella, ricotta, fontina, parmesan, and shaved garlic. Tastes a lot better than it looks. Savory and cheesy.


We also ordered a classic: the triple roni pie. It’s pretty much your typical pepperoni pizza. The crust was perfect and crunchy, good balance of cheese and sauce and tons of pepperoni. It’s a relatively thin pizza, making it much easier to chow down a few slices.

dallasblogger-firesidepiesdfw-5 dallasblogger-firesidepiesdfw-6

My favorite part of our dinner tonight would have to be the dessert. I am so in love with the Vanilla Bean Cheesecake. It has a touch of blackberry and made with a nilla wafer crust. It’s heaven in my mouth. I’d come back just to eat this again…and again…and again.


Unfortunately, the warm cocoa brownie with ice cream couldn’t outdo the cheesecake. It was actually a little too rich for me. The ice cream helped balance the sweetness, but it looks like the cheesecake was the winner of the dessert round.


By the end of the night, we were all full and happy and ready to sleep like babies. This was a great night and I enjoyed sharing my foodie recap at Fireside Pies. Hope you’ll make a trip out.


  1. I absolutely LOVE pizza! I can seriously eat it every day of the week, and I HAVE! (before my love of fitness took over) sshhh! That Fireside Fondue!!!!! OMG! I love everything that has to do with cheese. ugh this post brought me life! thank you.

    1. Author

      Girl me too. I love American comfort foods a little too much, so I have to limit myself. Plus cheese on anything is the best!

  2. OMG MAI LYN! How could you do this to me? I just want to throw all my money at the computer and tell them to deliver to Addison! haha. This all looks amazing, gal!

    1. Author

      LOLOL tell me about it. im pretty sure all this food is going to take me a week to burn off. But if you are going to cheat, it might as well be this meal.

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