Injuries suck. Period.


I became a lot more dedicated to my health and fitness when I started this blog. It involved more time at the gym, personal training to learn how to properly workout and eating better. What originally began as preparation for beach body and Vegas turned into a lifestyle I loved.

What I didn’t know was that I had scoliosis where my spine curved a little to right and eventually, as my chiropractor put it, one of my fitness activities or gym sessions would be the “straw that broke the camel’s back”.

My gym life had gotten pretty serious. I was active 4-5 times a week, either in the gym or out taking classes to review for the blog. Nonetheless, my fitness activities were pretty intense for the most part. A lot of weight lifting, HIIT and cardio. I failed to give my body time to rest and slacked on things like stretching.

Then one day, I woke up with pain in my mid back and lower back. I thought it was nothing and started taking Advil and got some rest for a few weeks. Those two weeks of sitting around were torture and my impatience and borderline gym addiction led me to re-injuring myself because I was just so stubborn. And this process of rest and then hitting the gym too soon repeated for about 2 months, before I decided to see a chiropractor for some rehab. I was overcome with guilt for missing the gym, sadness and depression because I felt that I was regressing in my progress and angry that this was happening to me. I’m only 25! Why the hell am I hurting? I continued to meal prep, but eventually I found myself eating my feelings. It was absolutely frustrating.

At work, it sucked sitting or standing. It was pure torture on my lower back and I couldn’t focus on my work. All I could think of was how can I get rid of the pain? After I decided enough was enough, I finally made a visit to the chiropractor. Fortunately, I didn’t break anything and no nerves were pinched. No discs were torn, but I did have moderate swelling in my lower spine. I’m definitely grateful it wasn’t something more serious that required surgery. Before seeing a chiropractor, I was always skeptical about their effectiveness. But, through a referral, I went to see Dr. Long at Align Right off Mockingbird and Abrams. So far the therapy has been such a great help. In addition to adjustments to correct my imbalance, I also get ultrasound therapy over the inflamed parts on my back (which I look forward to every week!) and decompression therapy.

It’s been a really slow process, but I’ve been diligent. One day, I realized I had to stop being angry at myself and find other ways to stay healthy. Fitness was no longer about “just looking good,” but an investment of effort for future health. I began seeking out yoga, spin, barre and Pilates classes or anything that was low impact. I’ve paused all my HIIT activities, which I miss dearly. After a few weeks of therapy, I eventually got strong enough to start running and have a new found appreciate for my own physical well-being. I take more time to stretch and hydrate. I’m also more in-tune with my body and my limits. What started as a feeling of helplessness, frustration and sadness has become a new life lesson. If I can’t continue on the route I was originally on, I’ll just find another way.

Moving forward, my fitness activities will be more well-rounded. I’m looking forward to adding more spin, barre, Pilates and yoga classes to my life. Throwing in a few HIIT and weightlifting sessions in the mix and I think I’ll be healthier and stronger than before. Changing a negative outlook into something positive was challenging. I may not be 100% back in action, but I will say I feel stronger mentally and spiritually and can’t wait to get into a more consistent routine. I encourage anyone who has been through something similar to share your story with me! Whether it’s recovering or finding the willpower to get active and stay active…what did you struggle with?


  1. About three years ago, I was midway through 5×5 stronglifts and was getting to the heavier weights when I injured my left shoulder. I wasn’t able to bench press or do OHP. I waited a month and tried again and hurt it even worst. It took me a whole year before I was able to do any pressing movements with my left shoulder. This was a big issue for me because my goal was to increase my upper body strength. Unfortunately, I have not been able to go back to strict barbell training. I did however discover calisthenics and have transitioned to calisthenics and ring training and I am truly enjoying it.

    1. Author

      Thanks Fernando for sharing! Injuries are truly a test of mental strength and I’m glad you were able to find your way around your injury and get back not he horse. Keep it up!

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